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Affirm app tailors shopping experience to convert more customers

Just in time for the busy holiday shopping season, the Affirm app is delivering a new, tailored shopping experience that’s like having a mall in your pocket. We’re seeing a strong uptick in conversion, which can bring you tidings of joy in the form of new and repeat customers.

The app gives shoppers a more personalized interface with new ways to discover your brand and special offers. This expands your visibility with more placements to reach shoppers with your promotions. It also strengthens our app as a shopping destination, with over 6 million active users who love to shop with Affirm.

What shoppers love about the new experience

The latest version of our app includes these features:

  • Personalization: Users take a quiz about their shopping interests, life events, and favorite brands, and the app then customizes their shopping experience to highlight merchants and offers that align with their preferences. This gives merchants an opportunity to reach shoppers in a more targeted fashion. 

  • Purchasing power: The app shows shoppers how much they’re prequalified to spend, giving them clarity and confidence in the buying journey. This feature is unique to Affirm and reinforces one of our core values: transparency. There’s no guesswork when you shop with Affirm!

  • Merchant and offers discovery: Shoppers can easily browse by product category or life event. They can also find compelling promotions—like 0% APR offers featured in a special section of the app—that may fit their budgets better. And the app’s search function helps shoppers find specific retailers they want to explore.

Here’s how one user, Dale, described the app in his online review: “Easy to use, and before you shop they tell you what you are pre-approved to spend. Would use again and again!”

Results that merchants can love

Our new app experience has already delivered strong sales performance after just a few weeks.

  • Conversion rose by 30% in September (compared with activity during the prior 3 months), showing that the app is driving sales as shoppers find more of the products and deals they want. 

  • Repeat purchase rate jumped 28% during that same period. More shoppers are returning to the app to buy again within 90 days of their last purchase.

These early highlights show that our app is driving even more buying activity. The new experience builds on the success of our shopping ecosystem, which had an 8% average monthly increase in new app users for the 3 months leading up to October. 

Your brand’s appearance in the app can unlock many ways to grow revenue. We continuously drive traffic to your placements within the app through integrated campaigns, social media, and email marketing. 

By joining our affiliate program, you can also market interest-free financing offers and other promotions to amplify your exposure within the app. And the new personalization feature gives you a more efficient way to monetize placements to reach the shoppers who are most interested in your brand. (This blog post covers more ways our app can drive sales and customer acquisition for your business.) 

The new features in the Affirm app are turning even more browsers into buyers. They’re also creating more opportunities for you to acquire customers who might not otherwise visit your site or store.

Want to feature your brand in the Affirm app? Email to make this powerful customer acquisition channel work for you.

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