Consideration accelerators

Drive consideration when you increase your customers’ purchasing power

Empower your customers to buy exactly what they want with customized solutions that make any item, at any price point, fit their budgets.

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Consideration accelerators

Create more purchasing opportunities for customers with merchandising features like prequalification and dynamic price messaging—helping you drive conversion and average order value.


Show customers how much they’re able to spend through a simple prequalification process that boosts AOV.

Personalized messaging displays your customer’s purchasing power
A prequalification countdown timer increases urgency to purchase
A built-in calculator shows estimated payment options for any purchase amount, allowing for per-product customization based on expected spend
Highlighted terms like 0% APR make purchases more attractive

Dynamic price messaging

Alleviate sticker shock by reframing prices as affordable payments with flexible terms, tailored for each customer and product. 

Once a shopper prequalifies, customized payment options automatically update to reflect specific prices and terms—per product and for their whole cart. 

Affirm dynamic price messaging on a product details page

Affirm’s solutions open up new revenue opportunities

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Boost purchase intent

Showcase increased purchasing power early on. Remove price as a barrier.

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Promote bundling and add-ons

Give your customers the flexibility to make their perfect purchase. Affirm partners have reported an 85% AOV lift.

Illustration of bags ranging from small to large

Increase conversion

Personalized messaging gives customers convenient reminders of their expanded purchasing power at every touchpoint.

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