Awareness accelerators

Expand awareness and reach new customers

We give you tools to engage customers early in the shopping journey, from leveraging our digital network to implementing pay-over-time messaging.

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Awareness accelerators

Tap into the Affirm network

Capitalize on the reach of Affirm’s high-lifetime-value 12.7M+ shopper network to acquire new customers.


    Expand your customer base with key placements on our high-traffic website.

  • Our email​ list

    Amplify product launches and promotions when you’re included in Affirm emails to our active user base.

  • Organic and paid social media

    Take advantage of our high volume of organic monthly impressions, and tap into our highly engaged network of Affirm loyalists.

  • Our influencer network

    Boost awareness of your business and reach new audiences organically through our broad network of influencers.

  • Content partnerships

    Amplify key marketing and messaging moments with custom media campaigns that capture new customers.

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Go further with Affirm’s marketplace app

Reach net-new shoppers as they’re browsing for their next purchase.

  • Drive traffic to your site, with 2.3M+ annual clicks out to merchants

    Capitalize on featured placements in the Affirm app to promote your most popular products right where shoppers are looking.

  • Advertise to high-intent shoppers who have expressed interest in your category

    Personalization allows you to target your products more effectively based on shopper preference, driving average order value.

  • Accelerate omnichannel conversion

    Offer a seamless in-app checkout experience and drive in-store conversion via Apple Pay and Google Pay—all with no integration required.

Maximize your marketing

Improve your marketing ROI when you incorporate personalized pay-over-time messaging across all your marketing channels.

Let Affirm help you reach your goals

Resources to help you make your decision

Case study

Marketing Affirm moves the needle for luxury watch sales

Chrono24’s holiday tactic brought 38% more Affirm sales volume than during the same prior year period

Blog post

Tap Affirm’s shopping network for high-value customer acquisition

With their boosted spending power, Affirm customers deliver higher AOV (up to 92% lift) and make repeat purchases more frequently.

Blog post

Affirm’s new platform integrates multiple pay-over-time options

Affirm Connect is a platform that enables you to integrate additional pay-over-time providers to capture even more of these high-intent shoppers on your website.

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