Affirm partners with Adyen for turnkey flexible payments solution

We’re excited to partner with Adyen, a leading global payment processor, to provide thousands of U.S. merchants on its platform a seamless way to offer pay-over-time options to their customers.

The partnership helps meet growing consumer demand for buy now, pay later (BNPL) options and installment payments. A recent survey revealed over a third of U.S. consumers have used BNPL solutions. Affirm has seen demand grow 97% year-over-year as customers seek more flexibility and control over their payments during economic uncertainty.

Flexible payments with Affirm benefit merchants

Merchants on the Adyen platform now have a turnkey solution for integrating Affirm into their checkout flows, making it easier to offer flexible payments—with no hidden or late fees. This technology is available for online shopping and will soon be a contactless option for in-store purchases as well.

Ready to try the buy now, pay later solution that delivers?

In addition to easy integration, Affirm’s benefits to merchants include:

  • Up to 85% average order value increase

  • 5–8% average lift in conversion

  • Access to 6M+ shoppers in our network

  • 20% repeat purchase rate with Affirm users

The versatility of Affirm’s solution makes sense for all price points: Flexible terms are based on cart size or item value. Shoppers can select 4 biweekly interest-free payments on smaller purchases or monthly installments (spanning 3 months up to 36, with or without interest) on more expensive buys.

How the Adyen-Affirm partnership works for shoppers

Shoppers who want these flexible payment options can choose to pay with Affirm at checkout. After keying in a few quick pieces of info, approved customers select their payment plan and confirm their purchase. Later this year, in-store shoppers will be able to scan a QR code on a point-of-sale device using the Affirm app, which will automatically load the total purchase price and display the repayment schedule.

Merchants receive funds for the total purchase (minus platform fees) from Adyen within 1–2 business days. Affirm helps take on risk for the transaction, from costly chargebacks to fraud.

Customers then make equal payments to Affirm—every 2 weeks or monthly—based on the agreed-upon terms.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for flexible and transparent ways to pay, and merchants who enable these types of payment options can rapidly accelerate their own sales,” said Silvija Martincevic, Chief Commercial Officer for Affirm.

“We’re excited to partner with Adyen to help ignite their merchants' growth, while also bringing Affirm's convenient and transparent pay-over-time option to even more consumers!”

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Ready to try the buy now, pay later solution that delivers?