Tap Affirm’s shopping network for high-value customer acquisition

In today’s commoditized landscape, acquiring quality customers is becoming more difficult—and more costly.

Over the past 7 years, we’ve curated a network of 3+ million high-value, high-intent shoppers who enjoy the increased spending power they get with Affirm. They’re always looking for new brands that work with Affirm because they love shopping with us. (We’ve got a +83 NPS to show for it.) 

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When you partner with Affirm, we’ll deliver these consumers to you through our marketing channels and campaigns. Join our network to engage customers who might not otherwise visit your site or store.

A network of high-LTV shoppers

With their boosted spending power, Affirm customers deliver higher AOV (up to 92% lift) and make repeat purchases more frequently. Nearly 2 of 3 sales with Affirm come from repeat customers. These shoppers represent a lucrative demographic range—44% are millennials, and 42% have high credit quality.

High-performance acquisition channels

We refer over $500M in annualized sales to retailers that participate in our network. You can gain exposure across our website and app (up to 105K+ combined daily active users), along with our social media channels and targeted emails. The app also features premium placement for your special promotions, like interest-free financing, that can drive conversion without discounting. 

Growth for more sales

While our network grows by more than 17K shoppers per month, your revenue opportunity expands as more of them discover your brand and offers. Our network’s growth is your gain for new customers.

Testimonial: Kendra Scott sees LTV boost

At Kendra Scott, Affirm customers had 49% higher LTV than non-Affirm counterparts, driven by higher AOV and purchase frequency.

Quote from Kendra Scott

To learn more about how you can acquire new, valuable customers by being part of Affirm’s next-generation shopping network, visit www.affirm.com/business.

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