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4 ways Affirm can enhance your marketing (and your bottom line)

Adding Affirm’s pay-over-time options to your checkout is an important first step to gain incremental revenue and repeat customers for your business. But making sure your customers know about those options—at multiple touchpoints other than checkout—can maximize the benefits for your bottom line.

Our marketing toolkit makes it easy for you to include details about Affirm in many of your marketing materials. In addition to cut-and-paste assets you can use, you’ll find compliance guidelines and templates to help you create the most compelling content to attract more customers.

Here are 4 best practices to get you started:

1. Spread the news about your Affirm partnership

Your partnership with Affirm is a big deal! Let your customers know there’s a new way to pay with a dedicated email & social media post at launch. Or if you have a regular newsletter for customers and prospects, feature your Affirm partnership there. This is a great way to win new customers by highlighting the option to pay with Affirm.

Ready to try the buy now, pay later solution that delivers?

You can also create a dedicated landing page that gives shoppers more details about how they can buy with Affirm. Here are some examples from Walmart and Ring, and you can easily make your own with these templates. (NOTE: All templates and other assets in the toolkit are preapproved. If you want to customize them further, they will need to be reviewed by Affirm for compliance. For more, see our Marketing Compliance Guide.)

2. Add Affirm payment messaging throughout your website

Alert shoppers before checkout about pay-over-time options with Affirm. The placements can include banners on your homepage—see this example from the Service Center at Audi Coral Springs—as well as on product and cart pages. This is a baseline marketing tactic that raises awareness for shoppers “up funnel,” so many of them will decide to buy with Affirm before they see the option at checkout.

Our library of easy-to-use assets includes a variety of examples you can incorporate into your messaging and marketing. There are downloadable PDFs that provide directions and different copy variations based on the products you offer. The compliant, Affirm-approved messaging takes out any guesswork in accurately communicating about our payment plans. Use the banners, logos, and buttons from the toolkit to seamlessly market Affirm to your customers across all channels and amplify conversion.

The added visibility can make a big difference, as SuperATV discovered. The aftermarket auto business saw a 333% increase in Affirm sales volume after putting Affirm as low as messaging on product display pages. 

“The integration on the product pages was a piece of cake,” said Josh South, Director of Marketing and Technology at SuperATV.

3. Leverage your email programs to drive more awareness

In addition to sending an email that announces your partnership with Affirm, you can reference Affirm in other ways as part of your email communications to customers. 

For example, remind them about payment options with Affirm in abandoned cart emails. There are many reasons why a shopper may not commit to a purchase after loading it into a shopping cart—one could be they didn’t understand or see the payment flexibility that’s available with Affirm. Sending them an email reminder gives you another chance to convert a browser into a buyer. In fact, the average conversion rate for this type of email is 11%. That can mean higher revenue and lower customer acquisition costs for you.

You can also include Affirm in your seasonal email campaigns. The option to pay over time for a bracelet for Mother’s Day or a video game console for Christmas may be just the thing to convince shoppers who are on the fence. The toolkit also offers ready-to-use banners that you can add to any email campaign or communication.

Last year, Tradesy created holiday shopping emails (part of one email pictured below) with a “gift now, pay later” message about Affirm. The results included increases in conversion by 2x (Black Friday email) and 5x (Cyber Monday), compared to the company’s average email conversion rate.

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4. Promote interest-free offers on your homepage

Offering a 0% APR promotion with Affirm is a great alternative to discounting, and you can showcase it to customers as you would for a special sale. Shoppers recognize that making interest-free payments over time extends their spending power, so remind them of this option early in their onsite buying journey.

You can create a specific email (see example above) or landing page for these promotions. Our marketing toolkit has templates that help you highlight interest-free offers as well as answer customer questions. 

The benefits of 0% APR promotions helped lift Bugaboo’s AOV 260% on sales with Affirm. “The zero-interest promotions with Affirm are really reducing friction,” said Airelle Heyman, Head of Digital for Bugaboo North America. “They also reduce risk for customers and allow them to plan out a serious purchase without implications.”

The practices outlined here are first steps toward unlocking maximum benefits for your business—including lifts in conversion, average cart size, and repeat business. You can find more details and examples in our online marketing toolkit. Bookmark it and refer to it often to get the most out of your partnership with Affirm.

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Ready to try the buy now, pay later solution that delivers?