Affirm’s Enhanced Analytics: Everything you need to know

If you haven’t heard the news, we recently announced our 2018 Summer Upgrade.  With our ever-expanding suite of features, we needed a way to quantify and optimize the best offerings for our merchants. To do this, we built Enhanced Analytics. This exclusive feature allows us to understand how Affirm contributes to your business so that we can provide recommendations and feedback on how to continually optimize your Affirm programs.

Enhanced Analytics will help your business A/B test your Affirm programs and messaging, provide valuable insights into your customer’s shopping behaviors, and allow you to unlock our full suite of features more easily. The result is offering the best Affirm program to boost your bottom line.

What can Enhanced Analytics do?

Let’s start with the basics. Enhanced Analytics is our latest feature that gives detailed insights into Affirm’s performance on your site. You will gain:

  1. The ability to unlock additional A/B testing capacities

  2. Effective measurement of a marketing campaign

  3. Insight into your customer’s lifetime value

The best part is that all of this can be done with minimal upfront development work.

A/B Testing Capabilities

We want to make sure that your relationship with Affirm is having the most impact on your business as possible. We ensure that we’re providing truly incremental revenue and that your messaging and financing programs are optimized for both cost and yield.

Now you can easily A/B test to everything from Affirm’s messaging and placement on your site to the different financing programs you’re offering shoppers—including Prequalification, longer terms, AffirmGo, a 0% APR promotion, and increased approvals.

Affirm’s Enhanced Analytics: Everything you need to know - Image 1

Marketing Campaign Analysis

After measuring your onsite messaging, you can also use Enhanced Analytics to understand the effectiveness of offsite marketing campaigns with Affirm. Easily quantify the success of an email campaign, social ads, or help with retargeting. Just as we can evaluate the effectiveness of how you’re using Affirm on your site, we will now be able to provide the same insight and recommendations for any marketing efforts you do with Affirm.

Insight into Customer Lifetime Value

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is paramount to a growing e-commerce business.  This new feature allows us to compare Affirm’s contribution to your business against your other payment options to better understand your customers’ shopping journey.

Always be optimized with Enhanced Analytics

Integrating Enhanced Analytics is simple and is included as part of our Summer 2018 Upgrade. Did we mention how simple it is to get it set up? The entire upgrade involves limited development work and can be done within one to two business days.

With Enhanced Analytics, you can know exactly how Affirm is impacting your business. By testing and understanding what Affirm programs and messaging works best for your customers, and being able to adjust on the fly, we will maximize the effectiveness of Affirm and the incremental revenue that you see. One of our merchants increased their gross profit by 17% after implementing a custom financing program developed using data specific to their customers.  

Want to learn more about Enhanced Analytics? Contact your Client Success Manager or email