Introducing the Affirm Summer 2018 upgrade

We’ve been hard at work packing several powerful features into one lightweight integration designed to prepare your site for the holidays. Coming later this month, Affirm’s Summer ‘18 Upgrade contains revenue-boosting features for your busiest season. Seventy-five percent of the upgrade can be integrated with only one simple line of code—reserve 1-2 days on your roadmap this summer and be ready to have your best holiday yet!

Here’s what’s coming:

Convert more customers with longer terms (up to 36 months!)

Longer terms enable more shoppers to make larger purchases by lowering their monthly payments. Once you’ve upgraded, simply request longer terms on larger purchases (subject to amount minimums). If you qualify for longer terms, we’ll automatically turn this feature on—with no additional development work required.  Test and optimize longer terms going forward (starting this fall) with zero integration work.

Introducing the Affirm Summer 2018 Upgrade - Image 1

Unlock up to 33 percent higher average order value with Prequalification

Let your customers discover how much they’re prequalified to spend with Affirm just as they’re beginning to shop. Simply put, Prequalification allows your customers to shop with confidence.  

Shoppers who leverage Prequalification spend an average of up to 33 percent more per transaction—on top of the existing Affirm AOV lift.

Introducing the Affirm Summer 2018 Upgrade - Image 2

Personalize your customer journey with dynamic, custom messaging

Affirm’s as low as monthly messaging will be dynamically personalized based on your customer’s order value and Prequalification spending limit. Messaging will update automatically when you run promotional financing campaigns, such as 0% APR financing.

Introducing the Affirm Summer 2018 Upgrade - Image 3

Maximize revenue per site visitor with Enhanced Analytics

Affirm’s Enhanced Analytics allows you to gain new insights into your customers’ shopping journeys and preferences. Easily A/B test new promotional messaging to ensure that your site is fully optimized. The best part is we’ll do all the work, to your specifications, and share the results with you.  


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