Introducing AffirmGo

Tailored for the low-AOV segment

Affirm is proud to announce the details of our new low order value product: AffirmGo. Designed for customers with order values under $250, AffirmGo offers a frictionless three-payment plan with 0% APR interest.  For the past few months, hundreds of our partners have seen the benefits of upgrading to AffirmGo and are seeing outstanding impacts on their business.

Introducing AffirmGo - Image 1

Acquire customers from a network of more than 1.4 million

Through our six years in the US market, Affirm is proud to have earned an 83 NPS— and an incredible score for any industry and unheard of in the financial services sector. After customers use our product once, their next question is: Where else can I use Affirm?  The surge in demand for a low order value product led us to develop AffirmGo.

Simply put, that same network of shoppers provides our merchant partners with a new channel for customer acquisition. We’ve seen dramatic increases in customer acquisition rates directly associated with offering AffirmGo.  That virtuous cycle of customer demand and merchant need is exactly why we designed AffirmGo.

A purpose built product for a targeted audience

Customers in low order value verticals skew younger and even more mobile-centric. When developing AffirmGo, we made sure to incorporate the behaviors of these users. We took our innate mobile-first approach to the next level by building an even simpler experience. With this improved flow, our low order value merchants—especially fashion and apparel—saw better conversion rates and improved take-up rates.  Our core product reliably lifts conversion rates up to 20 percent, average order values by 87 percent, and has repeat rates of 66 percent. Our early AffirmGo merchant partners have noticed even better results (stay tuned for more specific numbers soon!)

A better end-to-end experience, for you and your customers

With the addition of AffirmGo, we are now the one-stop shop for all your pay over time needs.  Affirm’s goal is to provide a smooth and transparent process for both customers and businesses. After one simple Affirm integration—measured in hours, not weeks—merchants can offer payment plans for the complete spectrum of orders, from $20 to $17,500 and terms from 3 to 36 months.

We can easily customize a program for your business goals that can adjust as you grow.  Turning on AffirmGo, or any other Affirm program, is as simple as flipping a switch. All without late fees, compounding interest, or hidden catches for your customers.

Reach out to learn more or contact your Customer Success Manager.