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Affirm’s 'better checkout solution' drives more sales for Whisker

“We never want to limit who can buy our products, as we believe every pet parent deserves a better life for themselves and their pets,” says Jacob Zuppke, President and COO of Whisker. That’s why his company tested our new Adaptive Checkout™ technology that’s designed to help merchants grow their customer base and sales.

Whisker—which has offered its customers a pay-over-time option with Affirm for 4 years—tested the new technology this summer in its Litter Robot store. The site sells an innovative self-cleaning litter box, along with various accessories. During the Adaptive Checkout test, shoppers were given more pay-over-time options for purchasing a Litter Robot, and Whisker gained incremental lifts in conversion (+16%) and Affirm sales volume (+16%).

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In addition, the test yielded an 11% increase in customer approvals with Affirm. “For many of our customers, the Adaptive Checkout technology democratizes the ability to bring our product into more households than would have been possible without a pay-over-time option” Zuppke said.

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How Adaptive Checkout brings more payment options

Adaptive Checkout uses predictive technology to tailor payment plans that are unique to each shopper, offering personalized options in one clear view at checkout. Eligible shoppers are given the choice of 4 interest-free payments to be made every 2 weeks or monthly installments at different term lengths, up to 36 months. 

You can implement Adaptive Checkout through a simple tech integration. This new solution unlocks more payment options for more customers and automatically customizes the Affirm promotional messaging for each transaction. Adaptive Checkout can also unlock the same kind of incremental benefits for your business that Whisker saw. (Read this post for more details on the new technology.)

“It’s a better checkout solution that enables consumers to move quicker on their purchase than they may have otherwise,” said Zuppke. “Affirm has made its technology so accessible to us with fluid and seamless product rollouts, it makes us want to try everything new.”

More payment options can boost conversion

The Litter Robot is just one example of Whisker’s use of technology to solve problems for today’s pet owners. The Michigan-based company more than doubled its employee base in 2020. As the company continues to grow rapidly, Zuppke said it’s important to partner with brands that keep innovating and investing for the future.

“Affirm’s continued investment in new product development has resulted in our customers having an easier time purchasing from us,” he said. “Adaptive Checkout puts our customers in a position where they have more payment solutions available to them.”

“We’ve seen time and time again with Affirm that there’s a direct correlation between more accessible payment options and a higher conversion rate—and that’s awesome.”

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Ready to try the buy now, pay later solution that delivers?