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6 small businesses win a holiday marketing boost from Affirm

The holiday season just got a little brighter for 6 small businesses that won Affirm’s Merchant Holiday contest.

Each winner will receive $25,000 worth of co-marketing placements on Affirm’s channels during the 2021 holiday shopping season. The winning businesses will also be featured in our holiday emails to shoppers, marketplace app, and social media channels—reaching thousands of shoppers across our network. 

Here are the 6 winners:

The winners were selected in October based on their essay submissions about how Affirm can enhance their business growth. These 6 merchants currently offer Affirm pay-over-time options to their customers—either through a direct integration or through Shop Pay Installments. Now they’ll see how a marketing campaign that highlights their Affirm partnership can drive even more sales.

Many of the applicants noted how winning the contest could also be a strategic booster for their business. “It might help me as a business owner to invest more into my business,” wrote Amy Matveyev of Amy Matthews. 

Marketing a partnership with Affirm can accelerate sales growth for many types of businesses. The luxury watch marketplace Chrono24, for example, saw 38% more Affirm sales volume after showcasing pay-over-time options as part of a holiday marketing campaign.

Congratulations to the winners. We hope the holiday season is merry with marketing success!

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