Shot of a pair of hands making a heart, with "Going Beyond" message in the background

Affirm partners go beyond to ease the coronavirus crisis

In early February, the Affirmation 2020 conference challenged our retail partners to “go beyond” this year. But nobody expected that to include managing through a global health and economic crisis.

We and all of our partners have been challenged in unexpected ways by the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve all had to make sacrifices and painful choices, and we’ve seen business take a hit.

But we’re seeing many of our retail partners go beyond in ways that inspire and give us hope. Their efforts are lifting up the first responders, medical professionals, and others who are on the front lines, helping us all get through this. 

Here are just some of the ways our partners are making a difference during this crisis:

These highlights are a small but very inspiring sample of how Affirm partners are responding to the coronavirus crisis in vital, creative ways. All of these companies redefine what it means to go beyond, even as they face business hardships. Their examples are a beacon for us all during this crisis.

For more on how Affirm is responding to the crisis, visit our site and read our CEO’s post: Let’s all say no to late fees.