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Affirm and Clearbanc help you power next-level business growth

At Affirm, we love working with companies that not only align with our values but also provide resources that help retailers grow. That’s why we’re so excited to partner with Clearbanc—the world’s largest e-commerce investor—to offer even more financial tools to grow your business.

E-commerce sales hit record levels last year, challenging many merchants to move their operations online and adjust how they do business. In order to keep pace with the expected double-digit growth of e-commerce through 2024, merchants will have to adjust further, perhaps with more robust advertising. A Gartner report predicts that combining multiple go-to-market tactics for digital commerce could yield 30% more sales growth over competitors by 2022.

That’s where our new relationship with Clearbanc comes in. It presents an opportunity for our merchant partners to access up to $10 million in capital to scale their operations through transparent and flexible funding programs. Once you sign up with Clearbanc you’ll be able to:

  • Access your Clearbanc capital offers within 48 hours

  • View your company’s key performance metrics

  • Benchmark those metrics against competitors in your industry

This partnership with Clearbanc also represents a great alignment of our brand values. Affirm delivers honest financial products—with no hidden or late fees. Clearbanc helps businesses access capital without giving up equity or personal guarantees.

To date, Clearbanc has provided over $1 billion in non-dilutive capital to help brands like yours grow, support inventory purchases, and fund digital marketing initiatives.

In addition to the financial tools available from Clearbanc, you can grow your business by offering flexible payments with Affirm. More than a third of U.S. shoppers made a purchase in 2020 using a buy now, pay later (BNPL) option like Affirm. In fact, BNPL is the fastest growing e-commerce payment method today, and over half of shoppers (54%) intend to use a BNPL option in 2021.

E-commerce businesses that work with us see higher average order values (AOV) and repeat purchase rates. Here are a few examples:

Affirm and Clearbanc are leaders in delivering e-commerce innovations for retailers and their customers—without gotchas. To learn more, see these merchant benefits of the Affirm and Clearbanc partnership. Or explore how Affirm can boost revenue for your business.

Join us for a LinkedIn Live event on March 31! Clearbanc President and Co-Founder Michele Romanow and Silvija Martincevic, Affirm’s Chief Commercial Officer, will discuss financing for D2C brands and their journeys as female entrepreneurs in the tech industry.