Winning over XOTIC PC customers with a values-aligned payment solution

Goal: Switched from GetFinancing to improve customer approval rate.

When it comes to buying a computer, one size certainly does not fit all. That’s why XOTIC PC specializes in meticulously crafted, highly customizable laptops and PCs, designed with the gamer in mind.

It’s a no-brainer that quality is a driving priority for XOTIC PC. As one of the largest System Integrators in the nation, the company prides itself on keeping on the cutting edge of technology, offering the latest and greatest products sooner than its competitors.

Hand-in-hand with a commitment to quality comes a dedication to customer service. XOTIC PC emphasizes their superlative customer service as one of the company’s defining characteristics. Their philosophy: “extend ourselves indefinitely to our customers in providing for their every need.”

XOTIC PC’s customers know the difference that a computer with their ideal performance and visual customizations can make. Still, there’s no question that a computer is an expensive purchase that requires financial planning. 

Finding a customer-approved payment partner

Justin Nolte, CEO of XOTIC PC, recognized that budgeting for a computer is no small feat for much of his customer base. Committed to the company’s customer-first philosophy, he wanted to ensure interested customers were able to buy the machines that were right for them—without spiraling into debt. Financing options were a clear fit for the XOTIC PC business. By letting shoppers break down their purchases into manageable monthly installments, financing tools had the potential to make XOTIC PC products far more attainable for the budget-conscious consumer.

XOTIC PC initially opted to partner with GetFinancing to allow shoppers to pay over time. Yet after many months of partnering, the data showed that only 22% of customers were being approved by GetFinancing— much lower than they were initially guaranteed. Nolte would also frequently hear from shoppers who felt frustrated by GetFinancing’s terms, which were confusing and riddled with fees. As a company that prides itself on the customer experience, XOTIC PC couldn’t afford to continue this partnership.

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That’s when Nolte decided to give financing one more try—partnering with a company that held a customer-first philosophy similar to XOTIC PC’s own: Affirm. The first major differentiator between GetFinancing and This means more than double the number of customers looking to take advantage of the financing were able to do so with Affirm. “ Affirm was the approval rates. Affirm uses an advanced algorithm and alternative data sources to approve significantly more responsible shoppers than traditional FICO-centric lenders. And it showed—XOTIC PC saw a 109% increase in approval rates with Affirm over GetFinancing. 

Customization from cart selection through checkout

This means more than double the number of customers looking to take advantage of financing were able to do so with Affirm. Nolte says they haven’t heard a single complaint about Affirm—and from his experience, no news is good news.“ I don’t think we’ve had a single issue with Affirm,” said Nolte. “I think that speaks leaps and bounds for the customer experience.”

Among Affirm’s core values is transparency—borrowers are clearly shown all terms upfront, and are never charged hidden fees or compounding interest. The result for XOTIC PC has been a smooth experience that aligns brilliantly with their customer-first philosophy.

Affirm’s appeal isn’t limited to its being more transparent than its competitor. In fact, the financing tool has been helping to draw in new XOTIC PC customers, and encouraging larger purchases from current ones. Nolte thinks of Affirm as another key tool that enables XOTIC PC to differentiate itself from its competition.

Customers who may have been shopping the competition will visit XOTIC PC and be presented with an option to break down a $1000 purchase over several months. Suddenly, a purchase that threatened to break the bank is within the customer’s control. That’s a surefire way to capture new clientele.

The option to use customer-friendly financing is also empowering XOTIC PC customers to buy more than they otherwise would. Affirm provides customers the purchasing power to add that headset to their cart along with their laptop—a purchase they would have otherwise opted to save for a future date. To date, XOTIC PC has seen a 14% increase in AOV since partnering with Affirm. Coupled with a 66% increase of loan volume by day, Nolte calls this data hugely significant.

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“A lot of people are hesitant to spend a little extra to really get what they want,” said Nolte. “Being able to have the opportunity to get financed instead of paying it all upfront has had a positive impact on our business.”

Moreover, XOTIC PC is hopeful that Affirm will have a positive impact on repeat business. Happy customers tend to tell their friends and family about their favorite brands. By offering flexible payment options that are gimmick-free, XOTIC PC has demonstrated a commitment to shoppers’ financial well-being—an edge that just may inspire them to get their peers on board.

Going forward, XOTIC PC has plans to boost their marketing efforts around pay-over-time financing. By alerting shoppers about option to break down payments earlier on, XOTIC PC believes they can convert more browsers into buyers—deriving even more value from Affirm than they’ve already seen.