Q&A with Jonas Cooper, CTO at Lethal Performance

What is Lethal Performance?

We specialize in performance-enhancement parts and packages for newer muscle cars, including late-model Mustangs like the SVT GT500 and SVT Terminator Cobra, and EcoBoosts like the Focus ST and Fiesta ST.

What are the hottest-selling products these days?

Our hottest-selling products fall under the Lethal Performance brand and include exhaust systems, mid-pipes, fuel systems, grille deletes, and a few other transmission parts, all of which are aimed at the ‘07–’13 GT500 and ‘11–’14 Mustang GT, as well as the newest offerings from Ford, the ‘15–’17 GT, GT350 and the EcoBoost Mustang. We’ve seen a lot of interest lately in the new part offerings for the ’16–’17 Focus RS. We also sell clutches, intakes, superchargers, tuning devices, and suspension parts on a daily basis.

Affirm offered Lethal Performance all the right things.

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Why do your customers need financing?

Our customers have a ton of passion for their project cars but often have to put their purchases on their credit cards, as their orders can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. They’re hungry for a financing solution outside of traditional credit cards.

What got you interested in Affirm?

After trying another financing solution that didn’t effectively integrate with our marketing—as it created obtrusive banners, took customers off our website and sometimes didn’t bring them back—we were looking for a really specific, clean and simple solution. Affirm was able to offer us all the right things, including customizable programs we could leverage in our marketing, and zero negative impact on our checkout process.

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How has your experience been with Affirm these first two months?

It’s been great. We integrated Affirm in 45 minutes, which is amazing given how atrocious our other experiences have been. The flow for our shoppers is very simple and streamlined. We’ve really had no issues, and a lot of our customers have chosen to use Affirm. And we like the idea that we’re offering such a great solution for our shoppers—it feels responsible both for us and for them.

What’s been the most surprising thing about partnering with Affirm?

There have been a few surprising things. First, how fast and easy it was to integrate—we were live in less than an hour! It’s just been so easy. Also, I think there are people purchasing who otherwise wouldn’t have, because Affirm is able to provide a real-time decision and make the process really transparent and simple. And Affirm settles with us quickly, which sounds really basic but is really important for our business.