How paying over time and Bluecore make a statement in your customer’s inbox

Email is one of a business’s most powerful communication tools. But when overused or used to send the wrong message, it can become the fastest way to lose credibility with your customers.

Powered by a sophisticated email management system, a good email will avoid exhausting your customers and can boost business.  An analysis of Bluecore data showed that retailers who leveraged Affirm’s messaging in emails sent using Bluecore’s smart triggers saw an impact on their bottom lines that included increased conversions, revenues, and order values. 

 The directional data from 12 email campaigns sent from seven retailers showed an average of 44% more revenue and 25% higher average order values per email in emails that mention Affirm’s pay-over-time option when compared to pre-Affirm emails.

 Below are three tips for making the most of the combined power of Bluecore and Affirm in your email marketing performance.

1.  Give shoppers an actionable solution in behavior-triggered emails

Behavior-triggered emails are a traditional marketing tactic. When a shopper browses an item or abandons a cart, an email is sent to rekindle interest in the purchase. With the average abandoned cart rate hovering around 70%, it's clear why retailers employ this type of email campaign. But 55% of people abandoned a cart because of the added costs. A follow-up email can’t change that number at checkout. However, Affirm can.

Adding Affirm messaging puts a modern twist on the basic behavior-triggered email. Your message will be more than a reminder; it becomes a solution to the barrier of price. By communicating a pay-over-time option, you can make the item more budget-friendly and more feasible for purchase. You could even advertise a 0% APR promotion to really create a no-lose situation for the shopper.

 Bluecore data shows merchants that mentioned Affirm pricing in email communications saw 5% more clicks per open and 36% more conversions per open. Affirm in emails is piquing interest and creating follow-through on orders. 

2. Combine merchandising triggers with Affirm messaging to create intent

While behavior emails respond to intent, merchandising triggers can create shopper intent. Merchandising triggers push emails to customers when your inventory shifts, including when the price drops, stock decreases, an item is restocked, and new items arrive.

Bluecore’s email system has a native understanding of a retailer’s entire product catalog. This allows Bluecore to understand any changes to the catalog in real-time and enables marketers to respond immediately. By informing customers of these fluctuations, you can encourage them to make a purchase.

Crown and Caliber, a partner of both Affirm and Bluecore, saw an 89% increase in conversion and a 71% increase in revenue per email when it combined Affirm’s as low as messaging with a price drop-triggered email outreach.

“By putting Affirm's pay-over-time messaging in a price-drop email, we were able to give customers two ways to make the item they wanted more affordable," said Whitney Wicks, Senior Marketing Manager of Crown and Caliber. “We have seen significant changes in purchasing behavior because of it.”

 3. Don’t just push promotions, create an ongoing relationship with emails

Emails shouldn’t feel like disconnected communications, so retailers need to stop thinking about email as a one-off engagement. You can create messages that are relevant to your shoppers and lead them down a specific shopping journey: from engagement and nurture to conversion.

Affirm can help create this ongoing relationship with your customers at every step. Inform them about Affirm’s pay-over-time option up front during the engagement process to facilitate customer purchase and reduce price as a barrier during browsing. Nurture customers with behavior and merchandising triggers mentioned above. Finally, Affirm is a conversion powerhouse with an alternative payment method that can attract more purchases.

"The key is to build consumers’ confidence in your brand by building experiences they will always find valuable,” said Dana Mirabella, Director of Customer Success at Bluecore. “The ability to cater to the shopper’s payment needs through Affirm while showing the right combination of product, audience, and promotion data through Bluecore is critical and incredibly effective for marketers to be able to achieve this goal.”

Creating an email that resonates with customers is a difficult challenge—especially with the estimated 247 billion emails sent and received each day, according to technology marketing firm Radicati. Incorporating these recommendations can make a tangible and immediate impact that keeps your email message near the top of the inbox.   

Contact Affirm or Bluecore to get our combined power for your business.