interior of living room designed by Bobby Berk. Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Why Bobby Berk's customers rely on Affirm

When Bobby Berk launched its e-commerce business in 2021, the company was looking for ways to expand its product offerings, increase visibility and incentivize customers to shop. Enter: Affirm, the buy-now pay-later technology that partners with online retailers to provide a customer-focused, flexible shopping experience. Through their partnership, the company has been able to provide an appealing option for shoppers looking to invest in pieces at higher price points and give them the confidence they need to fill their homes with great design. 

Take it from the man himself: “Partnership is everything when it comes to business,” says Berk, “and we love that Affirm thinks about our brand first—they work with us as a partner, not just as a vendor. From supportive campaigns to branded materials, Affirm thinks about how they can be an asset. We’re not another name to add to their roster.”

The company reports that larger ticket items are now abandoned much less frequently in online carts, as Affirm gives shoppers on one of the best reasons to click “buy”: the ability to pay in installments. “We see users’ shopping carts proceed to checkout—even adding additional items as they go, since the total cost becomes less of a shock factor. Affirm makes it easy to justify purchases and makes the most costly pieces more palatable.”

Bobby Berk, interior designer, share why he works with Affirm

As an approachable brand and source of inspiration, it was vital for Bobby Berk to offer Affirm’s solutions to all customers, not just the big spenders. “While we do see the most use of Affirm for larger items like furniture, we wanted to ensure that the feature to pay as you go was an option for anyone,” Berk says. “We are not in the business to determine what dollar amount should be someone’s minimum. Affirm made it very clear their services should be available for any product, at any cost. No one should be deterred from purchasing products that can make themselves or their space feel better.”

Ultimately, Affirm’s customer-focused approach helped Bobby Berk expand its e-commerce offerings while better servicing the site’s visitors. “With Affirm we see our customers feeling more confident in the design process and in their purchases because we value them and their spend.”

Article reposted with permission from and in paid partnership with Business of Home.