BB Wheels is attracting new customers with Affirm

Goal: Grow and create a new consumer market while also boosting sales.

BB Wheels is a family owned and operated business that literally started out of their garage. It’s a fitting origin story for a company committed to providing the largest selection of wheels and tires on the market. Of course, they’ve upgraded their offices since then but one aspect of their business has always stayed at the forefront — focus on the customer.

While they may have had humble beginnings, Shannon Bertram, President, attributes their rapid growth to “keeping our ears open and listening to our customers.” One thing that was loud and clear to BB Wheels was that their customers wanted a simple way to buy today with the ability pay for their purchase over time. Bertram also wanted to find a financing partner that would help him grow his business by ushering in a new consumer market while also driving sales.

Using financing to address customer needs & business goals 

BB Wheels had been looking for a new financing partner for some time and came across a few options. Prior to BB Wheels, Bertram was a commercial banker so he had “a behind the scenes look” at the industry and knew what he wanted out of a financing partner.

Initially, they had settled on Get Financing but, Bertram noted, that he got “a bad feeling and didn’t want to put our customers at risk.” Soon after, however, he came across Affirm and after some research, it seemed like it would be the right fit. Due to his background in banking, Affirm’s mission to be a financial company that actually improves people’s lives spoke to him as he knew it would with BB Wheels’ customers.

Increasing customer acquisition and boosting top-line sales

When they decided to integrate Affirm into their site, which runs on the BigCommerce platform, Bertram said “there wasn’t much of a headache at all.” Since then, Affirm has been a success with their customers and for their business.

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To build momentum during tax season, they decided to run a 0% APR promotion to bring in more customers. They integrated Affirm’s “as low as” messaging into their off-site marketing to create customer awareness. Specifically, they let customers know about the promotion via emails, including abandoned cart emails, in addition to mobile and desktop ads. The 0% APR promotion, initially planned to be offered for a limited time, worked so well that they decided to extend it for the foreseeable future.

Bertram saw how Affirm is acting as a powerful customer acquisition tool. It’s bringing in more of the customer market and, more importantly, the right type of customer. Bertram notes that these “applicants are more creditworthy.” Since launching the promotion, they’ve seen an incredible 92% increase in daily volume. Plus, it’s been a  hit with their consumers, as evidenced by the results. “Honestly, it made it a lot easier for our customers,” Bertram said.

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