Affirm’s omnichannel product prepares you for the future of retail

As customers take more divergent paths in their shopping journeys, the future of retail depends on a superior omnichannel experience. From mattresses and furniture to fashion and the largest retailer in the world, a solution that combines brick-and-mortar with online and mobile is the way into the modern era of retail.

At Affirm, we’ve helped many of our partners through their omnichannel journeys. We worked with Peloton as they created their first pop-up shop. We integrated seamlessly into Warby Parker and David Yurman stores and e-commerce platforms. And most significantly, we created a product for Walmart that allowed in-store financing across thousands of locations and a customer and associate base in the millions. 

With each new retailer, we learned more about the challenges, requirements, and assets of our in-store, pay-over-time solution. We now have over 35 in-store retailers and are ready to add more. Our team of omnichannel experts can help modern and traditional retailers offer a seamless pay-over-time solution to your customers across any shopping channel. 

How Affirm’s in-store product can work for you

As a modern retailer implementing Affirm, your customer’s path to purchase will typically follow one or both of the following pathways. 

1.     A customer sees co-branded, integrated, in-store marketing with as low as messaging on a price tag.

We encourage our partners to advertise the pay-over-time amount directly on the item price tag or spec card.  By communicating the more affordable monthly amount, you will remove price as a barrier for purchase. Along with the as low as messaging, the price tag can offer a strong call to action (CTA). This CTA will instruct the shopper to go to a co-branded, mobile-optimized landing page to learn more about Affirm’s products, apply and get buying power in minutes. 

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2.     A customer learns about Affirm from a sales associate.

Customers are going to have questions about Affirm. It is important to educate your sales associates so they understand and can communicate about Affirm effectively. Affirm’s skilled training team will develop a customized, scalable training program to educate your staff.  We will arm your customer-facing employees with talking points about Affirm in order to increase conversion and sales volume. They will be able to assist customers as they go through the simple Affirm application flow from the comfort of their mobile device. 

Both of these discovery methods are important but are best when paired together.  When implementing both, you allow for self- and sales associate-driven discovery. However a customer discovers Affirm, the application step is the same for all shoppers. If the customer is interested in paying over time with Affirm, they’ll visit a co-branded landing page (e.g.,, complete a simple mobile application, and be presented with a virtual credit card to use for payment. It’s that easy.  

Other ways to get the most from our omnichannel offering

Affirm’s omnichannel product is more than just a payment option. It can be a marketing campaign, a driver of in-store traffic, a powerful conversion tool, and a data collector. 

For example, customers can get prequalified for the amount they are allowed to spend at home and then come into a store to experience the product in person before committing to purchase. Affirm could also help track the customer journey from beginning to end, across multiple channels, so your business knows every nuance. 

Affirm is ready for the next evolution of retail. Are you? 

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