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How Affirm drives more sales for this Audi service dealer

When Audi Coral Springs began offering flexible payments with Affirm at the end of 2019, Luan Nuriu welcomed the move. As service director for the Florida-based dealership, he liked how it gave customers another payment option when it came to getting their cars serviced. He didn’t realize how vital it would be in just a few months.

As people lost jobs and faced financial challenges due to the pandemic, he saw that partnering with Affirm made a big difference for his business. 

“With Affirm, we have the ability to give people an option that many of them need now more than ever,” said Mr. Nuriu. “We had no idea what was coming, so I’m really glad we added Affirm when we did.”

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Pay-over-time with Affirm lifts order values

The average order value (AOV) on sales with Affirm is two times higher than non-Affirm orders. Mr. Nuriu said that Audi owners who choose Affirm appreciate the flexibility to spread their payments for repairs over several months.

Because of the pandemic, the dealership has tried to prioritize “touchless experiences” for customers, and Mr. Nuriu said that Affirm has been a big help on that front, too.

“It’s such a fast process for people to find out how much they qualify for with Affirm, and they see exactly what their payments will be,” he said. “Customers can use their cellphone to qualify and get the information before they even come in.”

Audi sees upsides for customer satisfaction and retention

Offering pay-over-time with Affirm has boosted customer retention. Mr. Nuriu said sometimes Audi car owners take chances with small, local repair shops to save money, but their vehicles may not get serviced properly. Once those car owners learn about the option to pay with Affirm, many return to Audi Coral Springs because its top-tier service is now more budget-friendly.

“It also helps with customer satisfaction,” he said. “When people see what we’ve been able to do for their car and then offer them a flexible way to pay, they think we’re heroes!”

The service center markets Affirm to customers in several ways, including a banner on the website, signs and posters throughout the facility, and phone consultations with Audi Coral Springs staff. Mr. Nuriu added that signs in the service center are placed for maximum visibility—especially near the cashier station.

“I’d say the signs we’ve got near the point of sale have the most impact,” he said. “They show how easy and reasonable paying with Affirm can be. They’re so effective that some of our employees are now using Affirm when they bring in their cars for service!”

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