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Device maker sees AOV lift while relieving migraines for more customers

Migraine headaches afflict nearly 40 million Americans. While there is no cure for the condition, new therapies are emerging—like the CEFALY, a wearable device that treats acute migraines and helps prevent future attacks.

The device, named after the French word for headache, is made by CEFALY Technology, a company dedicated to therapeutic innovations. Its partnership with Affirm builds on the company’s pursuit of innovation, says CEO Jennifer Trainor-McDermott. “It’s another way for us to put CEFALY products in the hands—and on the heads—of our customers.”

In recognition of June as National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, we spoke with her about how partnering with Affirm has benefited her business and helped more customers who seek relief from migraines.

Affirm: Why do you think it’s important to offer a pay-over-time option to your customers?

Jennifer Trainor-McDermott: When you’re operating in the direct-to-consumer health and wellness space, and you believe in your product as much as we do, then part of your job is seeking out and removing any potential obstacles in the way of your customers. 

Those experiencing the pain and disability of migraine disease don’t have the luxury of waiting until the most financially convenient time to purchase a CEFALY device. When they decide that CEFALY’s drug-free migraine relief and prevention is right for them, the clock is ticking on their next migraine attack. Affirm gives us the ability to provide flexible, stress-free payment options for our customers so that they don’t have to delay this purchase. The sooner they have our wearable device, the sooner they can regain and elevate their quality of life. 

Why did you choose Affirm?

The no-fee, 0% APR financing and ability for customers to extend their payment plans up to 36 months made Affirm an easy choice. Remember, stress is a huge trigger for migraine attacks. Affirm’s attractive terms help our customers without adding any anxiety.

In terms of the setup, the integration with Affirm was something we were able to handle without anxiety, too. It was a seamless process that’s continued to work well.

What impact has Affirm had on your business? 

When engaging with our users, we get a strong sense that the “treat now, pay later” option we’re able to provide customers is a clear benefit. The data bears this out: Offering Affirm on our site has generated a higher average order value (AOV) on sales with Affirm. The monthly average from October 2020 through April 2021 shows a 15% increase over non-Affirm AOV.

Our customers also value our partnership with Affirm. Here’s a comment we received from a customer named Robyn: “Without the Affirm payment method, I would have never dreamed of being able to purchase my CEFALY device, which in turn has become a lifesaver with my migraines.”

Your company’s partnership with Affirm began in 2020. How did it make a difference during the pandemic?

Not only has Affirm made a difference for our customers during the pandemic, but this impact can be viewed in multiple ways. First off, there’s the obvious but nonetheless significant financial flexibility. As our users reeled from setbacks including job losses and salary reductions, every purchase they made faced greater scrutiny. And, unfortunately, people were often choosing to forgo healthcare in lieu of paying other bills. Thanks in part to Affirm, this was no longer an either/or decision when it came to treating migraines with CEFALY.

Additionally, we were attracting new customers during the pandemic, as stress and other circumstances served as triggers for customers’ migraine attacks. There were also new customers treating migraines as a symptom of COVID-19. All in all, we were connecting with a new and growing audience. Having Affirm’s flexible payment options meant that we had more tools to build long-term relationships with these customers.

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