Diversity & Inclusion

Pride 2018

Our Diversity & Inclusion Mission

At Affirm, we believe every person has equal value, which is why we work so hard to expand fair and transparent access to credit and to welcome every kind of person and idea.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Council combats discrimination and promotes respect, inclusion, opportunity, and community in our workplace.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Council is made up of nearly 50 employees focusing on the 4 areas listed on the right.

We ensure inclusive messaging practices as well as maintain and publish up-to-date employee demographic metrics. We also partner with leadership to set goals on companywide hiring efforts.

Messaging & Metrics

We source diverse candidates from varied backgrounds and create fair hiring processes and goals that reduce bias in order to provide all candidates equal opportunity to demonstrate their capacity and abilities.

Attraction & Recruitment

We raise awareness of identity in the workplace and cultivate an inclusive community at Affirm.

Inclusion & Retention

We engage lower-income communities and underrepresented groups through financial education.

Community Partnerships

What we’ve done

Our Diversity & Inclusion Council has been working hard to make progress towards our initiatives and goals. Below are just a few of our accomplishments:

Advising on diversity objectives

The Diversity & Inclusion Council conducted a comprehensive diversity survey on employee demographics in 2017. We’re using the results of the study to help inform Affirm’s approach to attracting and retaining talent, setting hiring goals and guidelines across all teams to expand diversity across functions and levels. Council members also analyzed Affirm’s recruitment activity and identified ways to eliminate bias from recruiting processes, and how to source more diverse applications and referrals at the top of the recruiting funnel.

Facilitating important conversations

Throughout the year, Affirmers have gathered to host formal and informal discussions of current events and topics relevant to culture and inclusion, sharing unique perspectives and educating each other. This included a celebration of culture and dance during Diversity Awareness Month, an open discussion about the #MeToo movement, and programming throughout LGBTQ+ Pride Month including a “Lunch-and-Learn” about the history of same-sex marriage.

Connecting with our community

In 2017, our company participated in 10 volunteer events to give back to our community. Affirm also partnered with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, where employees participated in business-themed workshops to help mentor and coach students from underrepresented backgrounds in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Maintaining a supportive workplace

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-driven affinity groups with dedicated budgets and meetings to allow employees to convene and discuss issues of importance to their members. Affirmers have organically launched ERGs to support the needs of our diverse community, including our Asian-Pacific Islander, Chinese, Black, Jewish, Korean, Latinx, LGBTQ+, Parents, Veteran, and Women community members.

1 in 6

Affirmers volunteer on our Diversity & Inclusion Council


of our Diversity & Inclusion Council is comprised of leadership (executive team and people managers)


Affirmers as of December 2017

Diversity matters to us

We view Diversity & Inclusion as a core area of success and will continue to share progress and updates on our initiatives. This is only our first report and the beginning of a long journey ahead. At Affirm, people come first and we hope to create a work environment that is completely open, inclusive, and welcoming.