Our mission is to deliver honest financial products that improve lives

Why we're here

Affirm is dedicated to changing the way consumer finance works. We build honest financial products that help people prosper.

Our core product allows people to buy now and pay over time. Because of our technology, we can offer financing to more customers than traditional credit, and because of our values, we never charge hidden fees. Consumer finance is still very broken, but we’re only just getting started.

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“Affirm is the perfect space for anyone who wants to make a difference. If you want to work on hard problems that will have a profound impact on people’s lives—this is the place for you.”

Max Levchin

Founder & CEO

Who we are

Affirm is a team that has come together from a diverse set of backgrounds to make financial services more meaningful, honest, and inclusive.

“Affirm has extremely smart and motivated people. I'm invigorated by the energy and initiative of everyone around me, which was an attractive quality when I was looking to join a great startup.”

Pat Suh

Senior Director of Client Success

“It's an exciting time to be at Affirm. We work in a dynamic space with challenging problems, and are playing a pivotal role in shaping consumer financing for the better.”

Glenwood Barbee

Senior Product Marketing Manager

“Fintech is a compelling field as an engineer because the existing institutions are archaic and ready to be disrupted by modern technology. Our products actually have a meaningful impact by improving our users' financial well-being.”

Helen Hastings

Software Engineer

Life at Affirm

Make an impact in the world. Work with people who bring out the best in you.

Affirmers believe people come first. We’re passionate about building something that makes a positive change in our customers’ lives.

Success means all hands are on deck—from engineering to sales and operations. We collaborate companywide and challenge each other to bring thoughtful ideas to every project. Even with our growth, Affirm still feels like a tightly-knit team where every perspective counts.

Our values

People come first

We consider our impact on people’s lives before we think about our own interests.

No fine print

We are completely transparent and honest—with our customers and with each other.

It’s on us

We take full accountability for our actions, never shirking responsibility or passing the buck.

Simpler is better

We make complex things simple and clear.

Push the envelope

We never stop innovating, taking smart risks, and raising the bar.


Lead a healthy life

We offer generous coverage for health, dental, vision, life and disability insurances for you and your dependents.

Take time off

You work hard, so you deserve time for yourself. We offer unlimited paid time off so you can always be at your best.

Feel invested

Work means more when you have a personal stake. We offer meaningful equity so you have ownership in what we are building.

Learn and grow

No matter where you are in your career, there’s more to learn. We offer a significant stipend toward your personal career development.

Eat well

We cater lunch and dinner every day. And in case you need a little something extra, our kitchen is fully stocked with healthy snacks.

Get active

Your health is important to us. You can apply our monthly wellness stipend toward fitness classes and memberships.

Be there when it counts

It’s important to be present when bringing home a new family member. Take care of your loved ones with our generous parental leave.

Commute carefree

Get here safe and sound. We subsidize the cost of transportation for you getting to and from work.

Know the product

We want you to understand the product firsthand. We offer a monthly stipend for purchases with Affirm.

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