A Note from our CEO: Affirm’s New Partnership with Shopify

By Max Levchin, Affirm CEO & Founder — July 22, 2020

shopify x affirm hero

I founded Affirm to bring people a better, more flexible, and transparent way to pay. A way that didn’t include uncertainty, hidden fees, or endless payments. Since launching in 2012, we’ve made great progress. We’ve helped millions of people pay with confidence and security, and with the assurance that they will never pay more than they agree to upfront. 

We’re also a marketing accelerator for more than 6,000 merchants. Affirm has helped to grow businesses of varying sizes, across every vertical — home and lifestyle, apparel, consumer electronics, travel, and more — increasing overall sales and reaching new users. This includes brand names like Dyson, Warby Parker, and West Elm, as well as up-and-comers like Ember, a temperature-controlled coffee mug, 4moms, high-tech baby gear, and Tempo, an all-in-one home fitness studio with built-in personal training. 

Affirm’s value has become increasingly apparent as merchants adjust to an unprecedented environment. Some of our merchants, particularly in the home office and home fitness categories, have experienced exceptional momentum. Others have needed more support navigating the rapid shift to online shopping. In either case, we’ve seen that offering Affirm’s buy now, pay later financing solution drives growth. 

As we work to help more merchants usher in this new era of retail, I know there’s power in partnership. Today, I’m excited to announce our new partnership with Shopify, the leading commerce platform. Affirm will exclusively power Shop Pay Installments in the U.S. through a new venture that will seamlessly bring a pay-over-time option to eligible Shopify merchants.

Shopify is broadly considered to be the gold standard for commerce, providing trusted tools to start, grow, and manage a retail business of any size. Our shared commitment to honesty and transparency makes this a natural fit.  Affirm has never charged late or hidden fees, and we are unwavering in our commitment to never benefit through a customer's mistakes or misfortunes.

I’m confident that together, by offering an alternative to credit cards, we will bring more payment choice and flexibility to millions of U.S. consumers. And, in doing so, we will help U.S. businesses boost conversion and overall sales, so they can thrive in this new retail reality. 

We will begin testing in the coming months. In the meantime, learn more about Affirm and get in touch here. More soon.