Faster checkout, flexible financing. Zero fraud.

Boost checkout conversion

Affirm's beautiful, streamlined purchase experience doesn't require a credit card or pre-registration. Affirm works on both mobile phones and desktop browsers, and with just a few personal details, a customer can check out instantly at your store and pay later.

Increase average order value

Affirm's innovative financing products will give your customers flexibility, and that drives larger baskets. Whether your AOV is $25 or $2500, Affirm delivers sales.

Affirm purchases are guaranteed

Transactions through Affirm are guaranteed, and we settle just like a credit card.

Simple, clean integration

Our APIs are best-in-class — designed for straightforward, reliable integration. If you already process credit cards, adding Affirm is simple.

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Let's work together

Affirm is accepting new merchant partners. We would love to talk about how we can boost your business. Contact us at