One integration for all your financing options

Affirm Connect lets you offer multiple pay-over-time options—giving more of your customers a way to complete their purchase today.

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With acquisition cost rising…

Offering multiple pay-over-time options has become an indispensable way to maximize conversion. But implementing these options separately usually means multiple provider applications, leading to a disjointed experience that loses high-intent customers along the way. With Affirm Connect, you can offer multiple pay-over-time options behind a single consumer application and user experience, capturing more conversion with one integration.

Affirm Connect maximizes conversion

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Optimize checkout

Your customer fills out one application and sees the best pay-over-time option they qualify for. You have the option to cobrand their experience to leverage your brand.

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Put your customers first

Your customers will know exactly what they’re getting into, no matter what providers you choose—with the same transparent experience that’s earned us a +74 NPS (as of May 2020).

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Minimize overhead

Manage all providers through your Affirm relationship. We process the transaction, perform fraud detection on every application, and provide unified reporting and analytics.

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Expand approvals

Satisfy your current and future financing needs with a variety of lenders to approve almost any consumer, regardless of credit quality.

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Get dedicated support

Behind every Affirm partnership is a team focused on maximizing your growth, and ready to tailor your shopping experience to any customer, channel, or price point.

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Financed Volume


Credit-building Customers
Credit-building customers have poor or no credit. Credit-building customers and financed volume are compared to a standard Affirm integration.

How Affirm Connect works

One application

Your customers enter a few pieces of information and get decisioned by all providers.

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One integration

With one integration, you get access to all your current and future financing needs.

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Many happy customers

Unlike most credit card companies, our business was built to help you say yes—not to profit off mistakes or misfortune. When you win, we win.

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Supported integrations

Affirm Connect is available to Affirm partners selling durable goods on a supported integration.

Custom Integration

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