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Calibrate’s successful growth with Affirm disrupts weight loss industry

As Calibrate helps its members  improve their metabolic health and sustain weight loss with its unique program, the company’s partnership with Affirm helps drive sales.

Calibrate offers a One-Year Metabolic Reset that combines doctor-prescribed medication, 1:1 video coaching, and lifestyle tweaks for its members. The program guarantees at least 10% weight loss, and annual memberships have exploded in the last 2 years—partly because members can pay monthly with Affirm, interest-free.

After Calibrate expanded its program to all 50 states in 2021, overall sales increased 20x versus the prior year, said Katy Marshall, Calibrate’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“With this growth we’re able to provide access to care for more people and hopefully start to change the conversation about how the world treats weight,” she said.

Monthly payments with Affirm expand access and drive sales

The year-long commitment is a key part of Calibrate’s program because the long-term commitment helps members sustainably build new, long-lasting habits, but paying for the annual membership up front was a challenge for many potential members. Calibrate decided in 2020 to partner with Affirm to offer monthly installments, resulting in what Marshall called an “elegant alignment.”

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“Having a one-year program enables us to drive meaningful clinical outcomes while giving many members what they want: more flexibility on how they pay with convenient monthly options,” she said.

The alignment with Affirm delivered a significant surge in sales volume. For the first 4 months of this year, total Affirm sales volume was 20% higher than for all of 2021—and 11x higher than the same 4-month period last year.

“Affirm has made all the difference in making a year-long program accessible to more people,” Marshall said. “And that’s having a real impact not just on Caibrate’s growth but on the long-term outcomes of members sustaining their metabolic health and living happier lives. That’s what it’s all about.”

Tech-savvy members  trust the Affirm brand

The majority of Calibrate’s Affirm sales—88%—comes from members aged 35 and older, a demographic not known for favoring pay-over-time options like Affirm. But the statistic doesn’t surprise Marshall, who said the average Calibrate member is 48, highly educated, and tech-savvy.

“It’s not just young people who are digitally fluent,” she said. “Seeing a doctor online or going through a virtual health program instead of driving to a clinic has become normalized, and the pandemic accelerated that.” 

Marshall said working with a brand that tech-savvy people trust was a key factor in the decision to partner with Affirm, especially since Calibrate was not very well known 2 years ago.

“We believe Affirm is the market leader and strongest brand in the buy now, pay later space,” she said. “And being able to display a brand as familiar and trustworthy as Affirm at the point of checkout makes a big difference, particularly when you’re making such an important healthcare decision.”

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